OLD Philosophy


In a nutshell

I offer a modern twist on a back-to-nature way of eating as this way of eating offers so many health benefits and can help the body in dis-ease.

There is no fad dieting in my world and there never has been. My philosophy is easy, sustainable and uses a lot of common sense which is something us human beings lack most of the time when it comes to food! We’re so bombarded by crazy diets every day and we live life at such a frantic pace we often compromise the way we nourish ourselves and as a result we don’t get enough nutrients for the basic biochemical processes inside of us which impacts our happiness, energy levels and other areas of our health.

“People put their health on hold to get a career and wealthy, and then use their wealth to get healthy. It doesn’t have to be either or.”

Take a step back, remember that your health is the thing that matters most above everything else, as without it you have absolutely zero. Take some time to digest the below information and let’s make some positive steps to getting you feeling like a better version of yourself! My mission is to arm you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your food choices and ensure your meals are so delicious you’ll forget that you’re eating ‘healthy food’. I also want you to understand what goes into these recipes and why so that you can apply this knowledge to your everyday situations!


The Jessipes way

The Jessipes way is to keep it as simple and as close to nature as possible as the plant and animal kingdom have it pretty spot on when it comes to providing us humans with what we need to function optimally, we’ve just strayed away from this simplicity over the years and look what a pickle we are in with our health!


The Jessipes way includes eating less…

  • Processed foods – instead we’re going to be making our own foods. It gives you more goodness than you can imagine, it’s better for the environment, and local economy and in my opinion it really does taste 100 times better.
  • Refined sugars – fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits. Don’t worry, I’ll be providing you with plenty of alternative unrefined natural sweetener which taste AMAZING!
  • Foods labeled with ‘low fat’, ‘no fat’ or ‘low calorie’ foods – I’m going to teach you much better ways of measuring the healthiness of a food!
  • Margarine and vegetable spreads – these are heavily processed and don’t contain any good fats at all
  • Gluten – a troublesome protein who’s name comes from the word ‘glue’.


What you can expect to enjoy….

  • Organic vegetables
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Sustainable and ethically caught wild fish
  • High quality dairy
  • Superfoods
  • Natural fats i.e. unrefined oils,
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Pseudocereals such as quinoa and amaranth (i.e. none of the industrial/agriculturally mass-produced grains)
  • Naturally sweet ingredients which have nutritional value such as honey and maple syrup
  • Natural foods that we have evolved to eat. Unleash the forager, hunter and grower within you!

These ingredients bring the recipes more depth of flavour, texture and an all round healthier dish to the table. Once you get going and you’ve whittled down the sugar and refined elements in your diet, your taste buds will adapt and you’ll quickly develop cravings for whole, unprocessed foods and feel all the merrier for it, this I am 100% sure of.


Some simple rules to go by

  • If you struggle to recognize or pronounce an ingredient on a food label, so too will your body.
  • Try and opt for as many foods as you can without food labels – they are fresher, as nature intended and your body will love you for it!
  • If you make the choice to eat meat and other animal proteins, go organic and for the non-City dwellers out there, get to know your farmer. This ensures they have been humanely raised and brought up on a diet that they deserve i.e. free-range, organic, grass fed and ethically sourced. The alternative, which is so much a part of mainstream eating is antibiotic and hormone-pumped animals that have been cooped up in terrible living conditions, and nobody should support that.
  • Steer clear of foods labeled that shout ‘low calories’, ‘low fat’ or ‘no fat’ – these are not good barometers to measure the quality of your food by.
  • Don’t consume anything with a longer expiration date than you! Your body will need to work very hard to break it down, and that energy could have been spent elsewhere like giving YOU energy!
  • Give the calorie counting mathematician inside of you a break. This will be a scary thought for some of you who are so used to making your food choices based on their labeled calorie amounts but hitting calorie goals is not a healthy way to go about ensuring your body is being looked after. Most of us are over-fed yet under-nourished as calories don’t take into account the quality and nutrients that go into the food. There are far more sustainable and fun ways of getting genuinely healthy
  • Befriend plants. There are umpteen studies which show the health benefits of eating plant based foods, more importantly if you eat more of them you feel AMAZING!! Try it for yourself.


How to use these recipes

I have always been taught to use recipe books as a framework, and then to go off-piste, substituting ingredients for healthier alternatives and this more often than not creates the most knock out healthy creations. If you are new to cooking, use my recipes and you can’t go wrong as I’ve already done the trialing and erroring! Once your confidence grows, you will get a real feel for what combinations work best!


Changing your ways

We are creatures of habit and like what we know so making different food choices can be a lot harder than most people expect. In order to break old habits, we have to make new ones and this involves freeing ourselves from the emotional attachments we have to certain foods. Everyone is different, some people can’t imagine a life without a bowl of pasta, for others it’s their daily sugar feast – we all have our vices.
Noone is judging you, take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. Celebrate the positive changes you make to your habits and start noticing the benefits your body is enjoying as a consequence. At this point you’ll have begun your journey to a healthier, happier you and I am here with an eager ear to hear all about it.