About Me

Hi and welcome to Jessipes! An online space where I, Jess, share videos, recipes, insights and updates on all things health-related, to help make a positive difference in your world.

This blog started in October 2014 after a four year build up of requests from my clients, loved ones and friends of friends asking me to share my recipes which have given so many of them a new lease of life and opened their minds to a whole new way of thinking about food for their present and future health and the recipes are SO easy to make and create so literally anybody can follow and enjoy them.

I hope this blog teaches you a thing or two and you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. I aim for it to be an inspirational, yet extremely achievable collection of recipes that are easy to make to guide you through to eating in a much more nourishing way. It is a place for me to share my edible inspirations from my playtime in the kitchen with my deep love for whole food-based recipes which never compromise on taste or health giving benefits. I am not a trained chef – the recipes you read are finally perfected recipes after lots of failed attempts, so you can bypass my errors and skip straight to the amazingly tasty version!!

Jessipes cooking

So a little bit about me… a lot of people who get into the health industry, fall into it as a result of a personal health journey; conventional medicine didn’t do the trick and this lead them on to discover the power of rest, good sleep and nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods. I was incredibly fortunate to be brought up in the loving hands of a mum and dad who taught me about food, how to cook it and most importantly the effect that is has on your health from a very young age and attribute my very healthy childhood and adulthood to this solid nutritional understanding.

My mum was a nutritional therapist in her working days and is an incredible self-taught chef, and my dad is an osteopath, naturopath & health fanatic who equally loves experimenting in the kitchen when he’s given free rein. Coming home from school and standing around the island in the kitchen whilst my mum chopped up green vegetables and a touch of fruit for a green juice to power my brain ahead of doing my homework with a handful of nuts was a normal occurrence in the Scott household and being called ‘diet girl’ at school because my lunchboxes didn’t contain the peanut butter or nutella sandwiches and chocolate bars didn’t in the slightest bit bother me so it came as no surprise to my family that I decided to pursue a career in nutrition!

Jess with tea


Post qualifying as a nutritional therapist in 2010, following 3 years of study at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, I moved in with a couple of other fellow nutritionists. Living with three foodies, our kitchen was more of an experimental science lab – we’d do ready steady cook nights to try out at least one new unfamiliar food a week so we could embrace all these new foods and learn how to cook with them.

I have been practicing as a Nutritional Therapist full time for the past four years and have witnessed the effect of food being used as medicinal fuel first hand in the hundreds of clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The power of food and the influence (positive and negative) that it can have on your health continues to astound me. It truly is life changing and the more health transformations I see, the more addicted I am to learning more so I can apply this knowledge in helping more people. I create personalized diet plans with supplement programmes using only the highest quality supplements and the results are incredible. From better skin, energy and relief of digestive complaints to the reversal of type 2 diabetes, the disappearance of lifelong insomnia, psoriasis and chronic health issues; using food as a medicinal tool is astonishing.


I now live in London where I spend my working hours doing a whole range of jobs, but the ingredient common to all the projects I get involved in is arming people with the knowledge and tools to allow them to take control of their food choices and health. I see clients for one on one nutritional consultations in the City, run cooking workshops for individuals, families and large groups, deliver health talks within companies to their employees and run nutrition-led group detoxes and fat burning challenges within gyms and health clubs which I love!! I also consult for a few food and fitness companies such as Graze.com, Daylesford Organic & Fitbit and write health articles for Men’s Health, LOOK magazine and FHM when I get a spare moment (which is exceptionally rare these days)!

In the nutrition industry it’s so important to keep up with the latest scientific findings so to continue my learning on the nutrition side of things (and to give myself another job!) I am currently doing a post-graduate further diploma with the International Society of Sports Nutrition at the end of which I will be a Certified Sport Nutritionist. This will help me to work with different athletes and avid gym bunnies wishing to reach personal bests, composition goals or merely to get the most out of their training.

I love what I do, and I hope even reading this space betters your health and inner happiness. If so, my mission I set for myself in creating Jessipes is complete.