Want more energy & to lose weight without dieting ?

Large Investment bank in London

Due to client confidentiality reasons, this investment bank cannot be named, but these are a brief few words from the Management Director and the Global Head of Market Risk at the company:

Learning and Management Director and Global Head of Market Risk

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French Investment Bank (City)

Due to client confidentiality reasons, this bank cannot be named, but these are the responses from the Learning and Development Manager – Jas:

Jas Banwait –  Learning and Development Manager

#1 – Why did you need my services and did you have any hesitations about working with me?

JB: We were looking to further expand our Learning Bites sessions that we organise for all employees in the Bank on a bi-monthly basis.  In the past we have organised health and fitness speakers, and so on this occasion, we wanted to further explore this ‘theme’ but offer a slightly different angle to keep it ‘fresh’, hence why we invited Jess.  No hesitation whatsoever in working with Jess.

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Emma B and her 3-year-old daughter Phoebe!

healthy lifestyle changes

“I contacted Jess because overall I was feeling pretty unhealthy. I was lethargic, wasn’t sleeping well, was lacking motivation and I needed some inspiration to eat healthily and to start looking after myself. I have 2 small children so I would generally grab food on the go and not put too much thought into it and sleep deprivation had led me to rely on coffee to get me through the day.

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Alice – London

Alice testimonial

I’ve really enjoyed working with you and you’ve given me the confidence to try out new things in my meals and made me realise it’s good to eat healthy fats! I’d recommend you to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle as all the goals you set and recipes you provide are achievable.

Following my plan and taking my supplements I have felt so much more energised, less tired, I’m sleeping well and my skin has got better and I’m becoming more and more enthusiastic about my meals. I’ve loved discovering snacks that I’ve been missing out on for so long…. I couldn’t live without quest bars now 🙂

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IHG Intercontinental Hotels Group

tips for a healthy lifestyle

Tiffany Hecker – Brand Management & Communications Executive

“As part of an internal initiative to boost productivity, we invited Jess to our corporate office to do a session on maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Jess taught us just how simple and easy it is to make changes to our eating habits, eliminating any misconceptions people may have had towards diet and general health. Her friendly presentation style created an open environment for people to interact and ask questions, and she even stayed behind to answer any personal queries at the end.

We received plenty of positive feedback from those who attended and have had many people saying they’ve been trying the recipes on her website with rave reviews. I would definitely recommend Jess and have already had other departments within our office reach out to me for her contact details.”

Claire D – London

“If you are thinking about booking Jess and hesitating then please don’t! We spent a morning with her last week and came away full of knowledge and inspired to live and eat more healthily. Jess has a wealth of experience and happily shares it; anything from supplements and why you should, to incorporating raw food into your daily diet. She made some fabulous food with us and hopefully has embedded some new ideas for us to share with our friends and families. We would all definitely do it again.”

Kelley M – London

Kelleybest nutritionist in london

GOAL: Cut down drastically the amount of sugar and cut down on food volume and get healthy inspiration for meals.

“I was eating too much sugar in my diet and I had tried (but failed) to address it myself. Being pregnant, it felt more important than ever to do something about it. I decided to seek guidance from a professional who knew what they were talking about. By incorporating Jess’ suggestions I am feeling an overall boast in energy (despite being pregnant) and people have commented on my glowing skin. Jess has unleased a genuine desire within me to eat healthier.

She has (gently) introduced me to new food experiences (smoothie making was not part of my morning routine before) and Im enjoying the journey immensely. I would highly recommend Jess’ service. She is professional, inspiring and charming – a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Jess”

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Jess P – London

“Something bad had happened to me and I comfort ate. I was stuck in a rut, eating 2-3 chocolate bars a day, a lot of carbs and sweets which meant I put on a lot of weight over a short space of time. Even though I’d started to get fit and lose weight I couldn’t lose anymore and I needed to get back into eating healthier.

I haven’t tried other programmes like this, where you meet as group. I’ve done weight loss and exercise regimes but they were always self led. It made a big difference having weekly meetings and being able to understand the science behind the eating habits. This is the first time doing a programme where I saw massive changes to my body and I felt so much better after a short period of time. In just two weeks I was feeling happy, clean inside and this spurred me on to continue.

Body-wise, my weight has reduced – a whole stone which was my target. 🙂

I’ve lost a lot of excess fat around my body which has meant I fit into my clothes again and I feel much happier in myself because of this. I can finally leave my house in the morning with a smile on my face and feel confident in how I look once more. My skin is clearer, smoother and softer. I am no longer dependent on chocolate and sugar! Yippee!

I liked the weekly meetings. Not doing it alone for once really helped. We could ask questions, get advice and be with other people doing exactly what you were doing and facing the same challenges.

I would recommend the challenge to others and already have done – my husband’s now following it to get him on the right eating track! He was so amazed at how it has helped me and the transformation was so great he was a little jealous!

Jess always said this wasn’t a ‘diet’ and it really isn’t, it is a new way of thinking of food and a change in your daily diet for life. I still enjoy going out for dinner, drinking, having carbs and of course chocolate! But on a day to day basis Jess has educated me to eat well and feel amazing, thank you Jess.”

VIVA London

health talks

Silvia Nicoletti – Model Agent

“As a model agent I am constantly looking for the best and healthiest ways for our models to find a balanced lifestyle to maintain throughout their hectic schedules. There is a lot of information out there with this new “health fad” and it is hard to pick out the truths from the myths. Jessica was recommended to me by a personal trainer our girls work with who suggested we pair up her nutrition with his training.

She has met a few of our girls now and there has been a world of a difference since their initial consultation already. The combination of exercise and correct nutritional advice has really worked wonders on the girls and they feel better for it. Most importantly they were provided with clear information which has finally given them a complete understanding of what their bodies want and the best way to answer to those needs.

I would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat, not only is she very kind but she is also extremely understanding of busy schedules and will accommodate to your availability as best she can. She also tailors her advice to each individuals needs rather than throwing a ton of information at you. Jessica is someone that shows she cares about the result as much as her client does – what more could you ask for?”

Kate T – East Sheen

healthy lifestyle changes

I attended a cooking workshop with Jess because I am gluten-intolerant and have an autoimmune disease which requires a Paleo diet.  I am always looking for new recipes and Jess did not disappoint with her selection of delicious dishes.  I particularly enjoyed making the Coconut milk as I never knew there were so many preservatives in the shop bought variety.

I will be making my own milks and ice-creams from now on!  I would definitely recommend Jess’s workshop to anyone who wants to overhaul their cooking habits or simply eat more healthily.  She has a great deal of knowledge on the science behind our food choices which is invaluable in today’s fast-food, quick-fix eating lifestyle.

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Hi! Welcome to Jessipes. I'm Jess, the nutritionist & creator of all the recipes you see on this blog.

The goal of this site is to inspire you to live with an abundance of health and happiness, dieting and calorie counting FREE!

All the recipes on this blog are whole food based and free from gluten & refined sugar. The side effect of this way of eating: tons of energy, weight loss where weight loss is due, clear skin and a natural "glow" because we are nourishing your body from the inside out.

Great to virtually meet you, and I hope you love the recipes and enjoy the tips I share. Thank YOU!

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It's a mentorship program that allows me to work with people from all corners of the globe, and help them achieve their goals and dreams and it's a business I love.

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