Want more energy & to lose weight without dieting ?

Lauren – Surrey

Lauren 30 day detox testimonial

“I attended Jess’ Core Wellness Centre 30 Day Detox Challenge in 2014. I could not rate Jess and this the challenge highly enough. Jess taught us all heaps about good nutrition in a way that was really easy to understand. The course is structured so you make small changes throughout the weeks and Jess explained the reasons behind these and the homework each week kept me on track.

The best thing was that the challenge didn’t feel like a diet, and lots of the tips and meals are now part of my daily routine. The Facebook group was really useful for sharing new ideas and Jess supported us all through the challenge. I had much more energy during the detox (which surprised me), lost weight and generally felt much healthier”.

Stephanie C – London

“I wanted to start the year on a positive note, feel healthier, lose some Winter / Christmas weight and implement some better eating habits. Skipping breakfast and caffeine were my weaknesses so these were my main priority.

It took two weeks to start feeling benefits and not to feel overwhelmed by the changes and now I feel really motivated to try and build as many of these changes into my life beyond the 30 days to make them a lifelong habit.

I really enjoyed the recipes and being part of a group and I enjoyed the structure of being told what to do and having my weekly plan.

Jess is really inspiring. The ideas are slowly added in over the weeks rather than all at once which would have been really overwhelming.

I would 100% recommend the JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge to others”!

Síle N – London

Sile - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“In January 2015 I wanted to kick start the New Year with a healthy diet and break the bad habits that always creep in during December! I badly needed a detox and wanted to increase my energy levels, improve my skin and hair and lose weight and most importantly form a healthy relationship with food as it’s something I’ve struggled with in the past.

Within the first week I felt so more energetic and more productive and my mood improved considerably.

I still have a long way to go to be in the condition I would like but the habits I have picked up through the detox are ones that I will continue with and are so much more sustainable than a usual crash diet of mine!!

The recipes I made were gorgeous and I loved the combination of exercise and healthy eating. Other challenges I’ve done have been more extreme like a 10 day detox where you don’t eat at all!

Thank you – it has been so much more than a detox. I have changed the way I view food and have discovered how tasty healthy food can be. I really wanted more immediate results but I realize that the more I gradually incorporate these additions into my lifestyle the longer the results will last.

Thanks JESSIPES”!! x

Clive C – London

Clive - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“I wanted to change some bad habits that had crept into my life for good ones and learn some good recipes. Within 2-3 weeks of starting JESSIPES’s 30 Day Detox Challenge I lost around 5 kilos and my pH went from 5.75/6 > 7/7.5.

It was far beyond what I expected the challenge to be. I feel great but due to an operation, holiday and bad cold I know I will feel loads better soon, especially when I re-start the exercise as well which has had to go on hold.

The build up, week by week was fantastic and eased me into it, the recipes are great, I’ve really enjoyed the smoothies, meals and snacks. Being part of a group for meet ups and Facebook really helped with motivation etc. as well.

I would DEFINITELY recommend it to others.

Thank you Jess!!!”

Amy G – London

Amy G - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“At the start of the year I wanted more energy and to build some good habits into my routine. I did Jess’s 30 Day Detox Challenge last year and loved it but second time round I felt much more focused and as I am getting married in the Summer, there was an extra incentive to keep me going!

From very early on with the increase in water intake, the liver support and the lemon water, I started to notice health benefits and had much more energy. The lemon water is such a good start and end to the day!

I totally achieved what I set out to achieve and will definitely continue a lot of the recipes and tips gained. Jess’s approach to health is fabulous, she set really achievable goals and delivered them in a positive and inspiring manner. The recipes are so tasty and also fun and quick to make! The Facebook and meet up groups were amazing and the power of the group support really helped”.

I wouldn’t have changed anything about the challenge, and second time round doing the challenge was even better. I fixed my attitude and was inspired by the group.

The challenge definitely met my expectations and I would totally recommend the challenge for anyone wishing to get more energy and include more positive habits in their life!

Hoorah for JESSIPES! Long may it continue and grow 🙂 “

Jennifer C – London

Jen C - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“I was in need of bettering my overall health and wanted to gain a greater understanding of nutrition.

Very early on into the challenge I noticed my nails and hair were growing faster. I loved the recipes and the whole challenge from start to finish and have recommended you loads already to others. You delivered the challenge perfectly and I would highly recommend it to others (I already have).

I look forward to the next one – is there an after care plan or follow up? If so, I would love one! Thank you!

Jen x”

Kinga H – London

Kinga - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“Thank you J I’ve learnt lots of new recipes, and was especially impressed with the desserts and the nutritional knowledge I’ve now gained since completing your 30 Day Detox Challenge!

I’ve got really into raw foods and would recommend the challenge to anyone”!

Tammy K – London

Tammy - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“More energy, kick caffeine, learn recipes to inspire me to cook and get off juicing/ snacks diet – these were my initial goals.

In week two I was praising myself for the lack of coffees. From 5 a day I was down to none. I am now back in the kitchen and making things from scratch for the first time in 34 years! I will use some of the recipes for life and have enjoyed adding and substituting my own ingredients to some of the recipes. My knowledge has increased so much!

The weekly emails came in at the right time to keep me motivated and the 30 days was perfect to start seeing and feeling true differences. Would I recommend this challenge to others? I already have!

Thanks Jess”!

Natalie B – London

“30 days ago I wanted to learn a healthy way of eating that would give me weight loss as a side effect.

About 10 days in, my energy levels and skin were the first to improve. I feel so much healthier, able to make choices instead of going with old habits and I am much more open to new recipes and ingredients!

I loved the smoothies and great majority of the meals and there was a HUGE variety of ingredients so food was never even slightly boring!

I have learnt SO much and it has given me habits that will stick with me for life. So worth it!!

I loved the enthusiasm and knowing other shave many similar problems Jand every single one of us managed to improve!!!”

Hannah M – London

Hannah M - JESSIPES 30 Day Detox Challenge Testimonial

“I wanted to lose some weight and generally see some improvements in my health so I signed up to JESSIPES 30 Day Challenge. After a few days I started to notice health improvements – my sleep especially and then improved energy levels.

I loved the way the recommendations were introduced slowly, not forced and it was all made so easy to understand. I loved the meet ups, the Facebook group, the knowledge I’ve gained, the recipes and just being part of the group.

By the end of the 30 days I felt really good, I sleep really well. I didn’t lose much weight but overall I loved it. I will now focus on weight loss as a main goal and see Jess for specific advice geared towards weight loss specifically.

I wouldn’t have changed anything about the challenge, to be honest it didn’t feel like a challenge as it was manageable and easy to understand and my husband loved the food, which was such a surprise as he’s a real egg and chips kinda guy!

The challenge beyond met my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to others”.

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