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Emma B and her 3-year-old daughter Phoebe!

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“I contacted Jess because overall I was feeling pretty unhealthy. I was lethargic, wasn’t sleeping well, was lacking motivation and I needed some inspiration to eat healthily and to start looking after myself. I have 2 small children so I would generally grab food on the go and not put too much thought into it and sleep deprivation had led me to rely on coffee to get me through the day.

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Jess P – London

“Something bad had happened to me and I comfort ate. I was stuck in a rut, eating 2-3 chocolate bars a day, a lot of carbs and sweets which meant I put on a lot of weight over a short space of time. Even though I’d started to get fit and lose weight I couldn’t lose anymore and I needed to get back into eating healthier.

I haven’t tried other programmes like this, where you meet as group. I’ve done weight loss and exercise regimes but they were always self led. It made a big difference having weekly meetings and being able to understand the science behind the eating habits. This is the first time doing a programme where I saw massive changes to my body and I felt so much better after a short period of time. In just two weeks I was feeling happy, clean inside and this spurred me on to continue.

Body-wise, my weight has reduced – a whole stone which was my target. 🙂

I’ve lost a lot of excess fat around my body which has meant I fit into my clothes again and I feel much happier in myself because of this. I can finally leave my house in the morning with a smile on my face and feel confident in how I look once more. My skin is clearer, smoother and softer. I am no longer dependent on chocolate and sugar! Yippee!

I liked the weekly meetings. Not doing it alone for once really helped. We could ask questions, get advice and be with other people doing exactly what you were doing and facing the same challenges.

I would recommend the challenge to others and already have done – my husband’s now following it to get him on the right eating track! He was so amazed at how it has helped me and the transformation was so great he was a little jealous!

Jess always said this wasn’t a ‘diet’ and it really isn’t, it is a new way of thinking of food and a change in your daily diet for life. I still enjoy going out for dinner, drinking, having carbs and of course chocolate! But on a day to day basis Jess has educated me to eat well and feel amazing, thank you Jess.”

Kirsty – Cambridgeshire

how to live healthy lifestyle

I have now completed my 30 days and am very pleased with the results.

I feel great, my skin is better than it has been in a long while and I am enjoying not feeling bloated. Your recipes are great and I am still make new ones plus remaking some favourites of mine each week such as Frittata and making smoothies for breakfast every day.

I have lost 6lb in weight and lost several cm all over.

1cm off arms
2 cm of calves
1cm of thighs
5cm of waste
4cm of hips

So thanks Jess it has been great and I will continue as it has opened a whole new way of eating for me. No longer and I calorie counting and stressing over what I eat. I am even looking at health restaurants to eat out at.

Claire L – London

healthy living

“I completed Jess’s challenge earlier on in the year and I was so happy with the results.  So much has improved; Not only did I loose weight but I was sleeping better, I had more energy and there was a huge improvement in my skin. Since completing the challenge I still use Jess’s recipes and I have stuck with a lot of the daily lifestyle changes.”

Usha B – Surrey

“I have always felt that I knew one or two good things about healthy eating as I have always read up material to educate myself about eating well and keeping fit, especially as my family has a history of high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. But of late, having reached my forties, I could see myself becoming sluggish and gaining weight which was harder to shift than ever before. I then found out about the 30 day fat burning challenge and felt that this was going to have answers for me. And answers it did have indeed.

Jess Scott thank you for educating me with so much valuable information about nourishing myself wisely and fully, without leaving me hungry as many ‘diets’ are deemed to do. The meal plans that you have so selflessly emailed me with from which I have been able to enjoy the easiest home cooked whole meals. The recipes you provided are so easy to follow and prepare (some within 10 minutes) and taste so yummy as would a proper homemade meal. I have found the weekly plans very useful, with lots of sensible easy to understand nutritional information. I have been able to keep cravings for savouries (my weakness) at bay. Your communication with us has been great online and of course the Facebook page: the most efficient thing that has kept me motivated and been crucial in completing my challenge, A brilliant tool.

I have seen real results in four weeks losing 3 lbs and inches overall. I feel fitter and happier. I do wish the challenge would go on for another month. I will now confidently attend family weddings x 2 all the way in Mauritius in august, which has been one of my goals too….:) I would recommend the 30 day fat burning challenge wholeheartedly”.

Weight loss transformation

Usha’s before & after 30 day transformation with JESSIPES’s 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge (front profile)


Jessipes 30 Day Fat Loss

Usha’s before & after 30 day transformation with JESSIPES’s 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge (side profile)


30 day weight loss transformation

Usha’s before & after 30 day transformation with JESSIPES’s 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge (back profile)


Monica – Surrey

30 day fat burning challenge testimonial

“I attended Core Wellness for the 30 day fat burning challenge last year. I used many of Jessicas wonderful recipes and followed carefully her nutritional tips! The best results was a surge in energy from whole natural foods combined with a fantastic exercise programme delivered by a wonderful fitness intructor. Although I do not eat carbs , meat and eggs I still found the recipes and the support on the web page excellent. I would recommend Jessicas fabulous nutritional support and recipes for a healthy mind and body”.

Karen M – Surrey

“For me the program was a perfect progression from the detox. The detox program helped me replenish and start to heal. The fat burning challenge came at just the right time.

My favourite part was the talks as they were so informative and explained what effect the program would have on your body and this helped me stay on track. The Facebook page kept me focused and I loved all the interaction. Posting my meals helped me be accountable. As result of all the above I am happy to be on my way to where I want to be in terms of shape and health. Not for one second would I say it was easy it takes commitment and perseverance but we were given all the tools and encouragement needed for success.

I had gained two stone since the beginning of the year and was loosing hope. This program has put me on the right track for health and happiness. I can not thank you enough and would recommend this program to everyone”.

Karen M 30 day detox transformation

Before and after shots of Karen’s 30 day fat burning with JESSIPES (front profile)

Before and after shots of Karen's 30 day fat burning with JESSIPES (back profile)

Before and after shots of Karen’s 30 day fat burning with JESSIPES (back profile)

Before and after shots of Karen's 30 day fat burning with JESSIPES

Before and after shots of Karen’s 30 day fat burning with JESSIPES (side profile)


Rachel B – Surrey

I’m emailing now because I have just made again the broccoli and sun dried tomato soup recipe and every time I make it I feel like I am the next female version of Jamie Oliver!

I have gradually been making the habits from the 4 week program a daily routine and the main thing I would say is that I have a passion for cooking and creating healthy wholesome food as well as an understanding of what foods are good for me.

 I’m wanting to buy a really good juicer/smoothie maker for morning juices as I’m really craving that in the mornings – and this comes from a craving and desire rather than a ‘should’.

I don’t feel nourished any more by things like toast, cereals, croissants in the morning and that’s a real shift for me. I know those things are ok as a one off but I really do feel very positive and well fuelled and nourished when I have eggs, salmon, tomatoes , fritatta or a green smoothie!

I feel the 4 weeks gave me a very strong grounding and balance between knowledge, ideas, inspiration and support for me to carry on finding out more about what I want to put in my body.

The main thing that has changed is that I am now excited about healthy nourishing foods and if I could choose would always prefer to pick up something that’s nourishing rather than unhealthy. I also have the confidence that I have the time to create delicious healthy meals too.

So a huge THANK YOU from me for sharing some things which will become lifelong habits I’m sure because they make sense and are based on proper research”.

Anastasia – London

Anastasia - London

“Jess’s knowledge and passion is so tangible in her workshops it leaves you wanting to bathe yourself in green goodness and wholesome foods. Jess gives you a new perspective on keeping fit and trim without forgoing the joy of eating good, wholesome food”.

Natasha C – London

“The fat burning challenge was a fantastic way to learn about nutrition and how your body actually processes food. It was a real insight and education for life. It was great to have the weekly support of group meetings. I found it particularly helpful way to keep up with the challenge being able to check in with others experiences on a weekly basis. This has also led onto finding three new fitness friends. We have been continuing to meet up weekly for fitness activities. We also continue to talk about our nutrition and fitness goals.

Coupled with the weekly fact sheet about nutrition we were given fresh recipes to follow. They were excellent and even though i’m a complete foodie there were still new things for me to try. Having wonderful meals during the challenge meant that at times you could forget you were on a month of no sugar and alcohol. They definitely softened the blow”!

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