“I decided to embark on the 5 day detox because I knew I hadn’t been looking after myself properly for a few months. I was feeling bloated, heavy, lethargic and generally a bit rubbish. I had also gained some very unwelcome weight and wasn’t feeling myself at all!

I am not much of a cook and tend not to enjoy it so I was apprehensive, but as soon as I saw the recipes and ingredients I was pleasantly surprised – not only were they delicious (the quinoa and stir fry were my faves!) but also SO easy to make. I was worried about feeling hungry like with many other diets, but I didn’t at all, and the breakfast smoothies were so filling I’d go right through to lunch!

The introduction of lemon water day and night is something that I’ll now continue forever, as well as skin brushing. The effects the detox had on my body were really interesting to follow. My skin erupted quite a lot, which was a sure sign that all those toxins were exiting my body, and I did experience the common side-effect of muscle fatigue. A week on from the beginning of my detox, I’m still feeling it now but again I think this just means the effects of the detox are still working! I also lost 3lbs in the 5 days I was detoxing, which was a bonus and obviously needed. I hope to continue now to stay healthy and I have already been following many of the “Jessipes” on the website. I am also very keen to continue with my supplements – I’ve never ever taken any, but I’m liking the effects!

I’d really, really recommend this detox to anyone who’s feeling a little under the weather and needs a health kick to get back on track. It’s also fab if like me, you don’t think you could stay completely faithful to a 30 day detox. Jess is so professional and so eager to help, and you can tell she really cares about helping people in all things nutrition! Thank you Jess, I’ll be #hashtagging more of your Jessipes as I make them!”