Want more energy & to lose weight without dieting ?

Claire D – London

“If you are thinking about booking Jess and hesitating then please don’t! We spent a morning with her last week and came away full of knowledge and inspired to live and eat more healthily. Jess has a wealth of experience and happily shares it; anything from supplements and why you should, to incorporating raw food into your daily diet. She made some fabulous food with us and hopefully has embedded some new ideas for us to share with our friends and families. We would all definitely do it again.”

Kate T – East Sheen

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I attended a cooking workshop with Jess because I am gluten-intolerant and have an autoimmune disease which requires a Paleo diet.  I am always looking for new recipes and Jess did not disappoint with her selection of delicious dishes.  I particularly enjoyed making the Coconut milk as I never knew there were so many preservatives in the shop bought variety.

I will be making my own milks and ice-creams from now on!  I would definitely recommend Jess’s workshop to anyone who wants to overhaul their cooking habits or simply eat more healthily.  She has a great deal of knowledge on the science behind our food choices which is invaluable in today’s fast-food, quick-fix eating lifestyle.

Mamta – London

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“The cooking workshop I did with Jess was fun, informative and invaluable.  I highly recommend to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet but just cant seem to get it together like me.  We used my not so new and unused Nutribullet to make some great smoothies; we made two types of protein balls and we made some gorgeous red pesto, cashew nut and salmon which was truly yummy.

Doing the workshop in my kitchen really helped me to feel comfortable about making the same foods again and finding my way around and feeling confident.  Jess is a ray of sunshine and a hive of knowledge and has a talent of listening and providing advice in tune with her clients; I was able to learn alot in a short period of time….thanks Jess!”

Mamta, Barrister.

Gabbie N – London

I had a really fun cooking day with Jess a few weeks ago and have been cooking up all her delicious creations since! Only fairly recently have I started embarking on a healthier lifestyle. I used to have quite negative views on healthy eating, thinking it was boring and there was little variety.

Jess has helped so much with her creativity and wonderfully tasty recipes. Her alternatives for sugar have helped me more than anything else I’ve tried! I am loving how I am feeling now with the nutritious and tasty foods I’m eating.

James & anna Layfield

Let’s be honest with ourselves: searching the web to find healthy stuff for you, making lists and shopping for it and then actually following the recipe is great if you have plenty of time and are accustomed to cooking. Sadly, we didn’t have either!

All we wanted is a quick, on-the-go, no-brainer solutions which we totally got. Jess teaches making exciting, delicious yet quickly prepared things from seemingly “boring” ingredients. The workshop was a discovery! Highly recommend it to food-indulgent Londoners!:)

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Hi! Welcome to Jessipes. I'm Jess, the nutritionist & creator of all the recipes you see on this blog.

The goal of this site is to inspire you to live with an abundance of health and happiness, dieting and calorie counting FREE!

All the recipes on this blog are whole food based and free from gluten & refined sugar. The side effect of this way of eating: tons of energy, weight loss where weight loss is due, clear skin and a natural "glow" because we are nourishing your body from the inside out.

Great to virtually meet you, and I hope you love the recipes and enjoy the tips I share. Thank YOU!

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It's a mentorship program that allows me to work with people from all corners of the globe, and help them achieve their goals and dreams and it's a business I love.

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