Want more energy & to lose weight without dieting ?

Large Investment bank in London

Due to client confidentiality reasons, this investment bank cannot be named, but these are a brief few words from the Management Director and the Global Head of Market Risk at the company:

Learning and Management Director and Global Head of Market Risk

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French Investment Bank (City)

Due to client confidentiality reasons, this bank cannot be named, but these are the responses from the Learning and Development Manager – Jas:

Jas Banwait –  Learning and Development Manager

#1 – Why did you need my services and did you have any hesitations about working with me?

JB: We were looking to further expand our Learning Bites sessions that we organise for all employees in the Bank on a bi-monthly basis.  In the past we have organised health and fitness speakers, and so on this occasion, we wanted to further explore this ‘theme’ but offer a slightly different angle to keep it ‘fresh’, hence why we invited Jess.  No hesitation whatsoever in working with Jess.

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IHG Intercontinental Hotels Group

tips for a healthy lifestyle

Tiffany Hecker – Brand Management & Communications Executive

“As part of an internal initiative to boost productivity, we invited Jess to our corporate office to do a session on maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Jess taught us just how simple and easy it is to make changes to our eating habits, eliminating any misconceptions people may have had towards diet and general health. Her friendly presentation style created an open environment for people to interact and ask questions, and she even stayed behind to answer any personal queries at the end.

We received plenty of positive feedback from those who attended and have had many people saying they’ve been trying the recipes on her website with rave reviews. I would definitely recommend Jess and have already had other departments within our office reach out to me for her contact details.”


healthy eating

Angela Steel, Founder of SuperWellness 

“Jess did a presentation on behalf of SuperWellness to the employees of one of our corporate clients and was a pleasure to work with throughout. Her experience in speaking to a group, passion for her subject and authenticity truly showed, and the feedback she received was excellent as a result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services!”

Turnround Directors Limited

Declan Salter, Owner of Turnround Directors Limited

“Running a demanding business these days results in your loyal staff giving far more of themselves than perhaps is ideal but usually they feel it is necessary in order to ‘get the job done’. We all know that we shouldn’t over-work, we should take more breaks, exercise more, eat better… the advice is seemingly endless yet so often so prescriptive that it totally ignored.

How refreshing then, to hear an inspiring presentation discussing food types, ingredients and quantities, presentations and options of how to improve ones lifestyle understanding that the pressures of work are not about to change; how to eat a decent breakfast quickly, prepare a fresh dinner easily (often no longer than microwaving a ready meal) and what to consume whilst slumped over the laptop at your desk.

Jess Scott is a charming, qualified nutritionist, recipe-designer and cook who presented to a group of office-workers one lunch-time the day I attended; I was cynical about how much could be explained in one hour but came away enthused and greatly informed and much better prepared as to how I could put much of what she said into practice. The talk was followed by a lovely buffet lunch, full of flavour, presenting ideas from her talk for all participants to enjoy; and enjoy we all did!

Many youngsters leave home by going to university (not regarded as the healthiest period of ones life!) and then on to a life of work with pressures on time without ever thinking about how to eat, or cook. Taking time-out to (re-) learn essential life skills about eating well and keeping healthy as a result is a good investment for everyone; having the courage to ask for such knowledge is difficult but when organised as a corporate benefit is good all round; healthier colleagues, less stress, less sickness, greater productivity and grateful employees.

I can only recommend that if, like me, you are cynical to any benefits that might result from this tiny expenditure (investment) give it a try; your decision will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine”.

Simon Chaplin – Accountant and Business Advisor

“I am a business owner and I am always looking for innovative ways to help my team members exceed in their roles.

A mutual friend introduced me to Jess for the first time and she was brilliant right from the start. She didn’t just share the latest diet fads she delivered a valuable session that was packed full of practical habit building steps to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for someone that provides talks, workshops and material that your staff will value and can apply straight away then look no further.

Having a work force that take fewer sick days, are able to concentrate more whilst at work and have much more energy is what you’d gain by working with Jess”.

Tony Derbyshire

“Jess Scott presented at our National Conference in Bournemouth this year. She was professional, informative and engaging, the audience left with an array of quality tips on how to improve their health”.

Ultimate City Fitness

“Ultimate City Fitness have had the pleasure of working with Jess Scott for about a year now. The business relationship initially began with referring clients to her for specific nutritional work beyond our field of expertise however we often do talks and seminars on the subject of health and wellness in the City of London and beyond and Jess adds an extra element to these events. She has a knack of getting the important message across to the audience and people resonate really well with her and her message.

People walk away feeling empowered in that they are now armed with easy to apply nutritional information, or factors and engrained habits they can change now that she has exposed them. I particularly like how she dispels certain nutritional myths, replacing them with the fascinating truth.

We would highly recommend her and feel she adds a great dimension to an event or talking alone!”



“We, Vubiquity Management Ltd, last year decided to provide an extra benefit to our employees in the form of a wellness package. This package offered our staff various forms of wellness activities such as access to free fitness classes but we also wanted to include a nutritionist and were recommended Jessica Scott.

The testimonials speak for themselves as quite a few are from our employees – all of whom sing her praises and cannot recommend her enough, and we have to agree. From a business point of view, we have found Jessica extremely professional, an expert in her field and great to work with. We had an idea of what we wanted to provide our employees and Jessica brought it together with her own recommendations and made it happen.
Thank you Jessica and we look forward to our continuing partnership”.

The Women In Business Network

Samantha Lawton – WIBN Area Manager

“I have known Jess for just over 9 months and can testify that she is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist full of great advice and ideas all expressed in a very personable, enthusiastic and professional manner. I attended a talk she gave about Ph values which was quite an eye opener and made all the more easy to understand by her jargon free and clear way of communicating the talk was also quite interactive and involved the sampling of some delicious juices she had put together – who knew healthy could be so lovely”!

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Hi! Welcome to Jessipes. I'm Jess, the nutritionist & creator of all the recipes you see on this blog.

The goal of this site is to inspire you to live with an abundance of health and happiness, dieting and calorie counting FREE!

All the recipes on this blog are whole food based and free from gluten & refined sugar. The side effect of this way of eating: tons of energy, weight loss where weight loss is due, clear skin and a natural "glow" because we are nourishing your body from the inside out.

Great to virtually meet you, and I hope you love the recipes and enjoy the tips I share. Thank YOU!

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