Want more energy & to lose weight without dieting ?

Alice – London

Alice testimonial

I’ve really enjoyed working with you and you’ve given me the confidence to try out new things in my meals and made me realise it’s good to eat healthy fats! I’d recommend you to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle as all the goals you set and recipes you provide are achievable.

Following my plan and taking my supplements I have felt so much more energised, less tired, I’m sleeping well and my skin has got better and I’m becoming more and more enthusiastic about my meals. I’ve loved discovering snacks that I’ve been missing out on for so long…. I couldn’t live without quest bars now 🙂

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Kelley M – London

Kelleybest nutritionist in london

GOAL: Cut down drastically the amount of sugar and cut down on food volume and get healthy inspiration for meals.

“I was eating too much sugar in my diet and I had tried (but failed) to address it myself. Being pregnant, it felt more important than ever to do something about it. I decided to seek guidance from a professional who knew what they were talking about. By incorporating Jess’ suggestions I am feeling an overall boast in energy (despite being pregnant) and people have commented on my glowing skin. Jess has unleased a genuine desire within me to eat healthier.

She has (gently) introduced me to new food experiences (smoothie making was not part of my morning routine before) and Im enjoying the journey immensely. I would highly recommend Jess’ service. She is professional, inspiring and charming – a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Jess”

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VIVA London

health talks

Silvia Nicoletti – Model Agent

“As a model agent I am constantly looking for the best and healthiest ways for our models to find a balanced lifestyle to maintain throughout their hectic schedules. There is a lot of information out there with this new “health fad” and it is hard to pick out the truths from the myths. Jessica was recommended to me by a personal trainer our girls work with who suggested we pair up her nutrition with his training.

She has met a few of our girls now and there has been a world of a difference since their initial consultation already. The combination of exercise and correct nutritional advice has really worked wonders on the girls and they feel better for it. Most importantly they were provided with clear information which has finally given them a complete understanding of what their bodies want and the best way to answer to those needs.

I would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat, not only is she very kind but she is also extremely understanding of busy schedules and will accommodate to your availability as best she can. She also tailors her advice to each individuals needs rather than throwing a ton of information at you. Jessica is someone that shows she cares about the result as much as her client does – what more could you ask for?”

Lucy O – London

lets talk health

GOAL: Support digestion (bloating) and come up with a weekend healthy habits plan to keep on track 

“Jess has helped me so much with my digestion and energy levels. Her knowledge is very extensive and informative. Her passion for nutrition is clear in every session and you come away ready to take on all she has said with helpful plans to follow. Her recipes make healthy eating easy and are very yummy.

I would 100% recommend seeing Jess to anyone, her support and encouragement has been excellent and I can’t thank her enough.”

Lizzie K- London

living healthy lifestyle

GOAL: Address tiredness and energy with a side effect of improved skin and fitness for pre-marathon training.

“Jess has the most incredible knowledge surrounding nutrition and her passion for it is evident throughout every consultation I have had with her. She is so engaging throughout the time you spend with her, which leaves you walking away extremely positive and focused on your plan which follows. She has enabled me to not only address nutrition but all life factors involved around that, and I cant thank her enough for the outcomes I have achieved.

Not only have you changed my eating habits for the better and made me aware of better nutrition, you have improved my skin like never before (quite literally never had skin as good as this, since I can remember) and boosted my energy levels, which I was desperately needing especially to concur the marathon training.”

Danielle B – London

GOAL: Lose weight (approximately 2 stone) and boost my immune system so I don’t get ill all the time!

“I went to Jess in need of some nutritional advice, both to support weight loss and to improve my immune system. Confused after sifting through so many contradictory ideas on the subject, Jess explained the science behind her suggestions and made me realise the effect of the food I was eating.

In just a couple of weeks I have noticed that my skin has improved, and I am far more aware of the effects of the food choices I am making. I found the session really interesting and helpful, and her approach really positive and motivating.”

Gareth M – London

GOAL: Regain fitness, upper body strength and shed body fat.

“Jess was instrumental in helping turn my diet around. She made a real difference thanks to easy-to-understand guidelines and supportive encouragement throughout. Her Jessipes made healthy eating fun and were straightforward to work into my busy week.”

Caroline C – Hertfordshire

Nutrition success

“In June 2014, I visited Jessica Scott with my 15 year old daughter to seek advice about nutrition to fit with a demanding training schedule as a full time ballet student working towards a very exacting audition schedule early in 2015.

Jessica encouraged my daughter to think about food in a completely different way. She discussed with her the value of good nutrition and its part in helping fuel her training, with increased health strength and fitness.

I am very happy to report that Jessica’s plan is working very well and her support continues with new nutritious recipes and ideas. The recommended food is delicious, easy to prepare and enjoyed by all of us”.

Lizzie B – London

GOAL: Tone up and kick the sugar addiction

“Both food and training are going well – I’ve seen improvements already. The supplements arrived after a week and I’ve noticed most changes since I’ve been using them. I’ve hardly had any sweet cravings and it’s really showing on my skin which is great – thank you so much for recommending them”!

Kristina F – Germany

GOAL: Increase energy and all round health

“I went from being tired and almost malfunctioning without the 2 pm Espresso, to working and feeling energetic all day. All this in the first month already.  Same is true for both my parents – their mobility has improved and they become more positive all together. I would definitely recommend you to anybody”.


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The goal of this site is to inspire you to live with an abundance of health and happiness, dieting and calorie counting FREE!

All the recipes on this blog are whole food based and free from gluten & refined sugar. The side effect of this way of eating: tons of energy, weight loss where weight loss is due, clear skin and a natural "glow" because we are nourishing your body from the inside out.

Great to virtually meet you, and I hope you love the recipes and enjoy the tips I share. Thank YOU!

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