This post is inspired by one of my best friends and fitness and fat loss expert Alex O’Hanlon. She knows how to get in lean shape as you can see from the photos below and she trains committed individuals how to do the same either with her 1-2-1 personal training sessions in London or with her online programs. Go and check her out if you are feeling inspired after this post and sign up to her totally free, twice weekly newsletter filled with nutrition tips, workout advice and recipes.

Alex O'Hanlon

Alex also has a huge heart and loves helping people reach their goals. Her gift to me for my wedding is a great bum and a fab set of legs, not your usual wedding gift I know 😉 so I’ve been training with her once a week and we have been squatting heavy weights and I’ve been reminded of it with serious DOMS the rest of the week! We then hit repeat and do the same cycle the following week! This was us last week in her gym….

Alex O'Hanlon

So, Miss O’Hanlon, otherwise known as Delts O’Hanlon 😉 did a post at the beginning of the week and I wanted to share with you so over to you Alex

“How many times have you set out with a fitness goal only to find yourself flat out sabotaging your own efforts?

You’ve vowed to make it to the gym 3 mornings in the week and yet find yourself sleeping in due to having one too many with work colleagues the night before?

You’ve started on a nutrition plan on the Monday and by Tuesday evening you’re eating your way through a packet of biscuits or a bag of crisps?

I think we’ve all been there.

Let’s look at a few tips for overcoming this self sabotaging fat loss barrier…



You are YOU. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else, you’re not them. If you’re constantly chasing down the ideal of someone else, then you’re setting yourself up for a fail. Love yourself as you are RIGHT NOW.



We all want to look good on the beach don’t we? However, if you’re losing weight just for vanity sake, your resolve will be less strong than if you’re doing it for a deeper reason.
Focus on the fact that a healthy lifestyle will bring you more energy, better focus at work, ease of movement and improved health…ALL of which are greater motivators than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans, although this is a nice side effect 😉



I hate hate HATE the word diet. Yuk. I mean, how dull and boring does it sound? It immediately brings up thoughts of deprivation and what you can’t have. Bye bye chocolate, cake, alcohol, sweets, crisps, fun, friends, life…
Swap your thoughts around to all the fabulous things you CAN enjoy. Nutritious, tasty, whole foods that fuel your body to work at the highest level it can, rather than starving it into an unhappy, miserable, bland, beige, yuk.



So many people think of a healthy lifestyle as one with a start and end point. I’m always getting asked by my clients, “how long will it take?” “when will I have abs?” “when will I be able to do a pull up?” Truth is, I have no idea!
What I do know however, is that balance and consistency are key. (I say this so often I feel a need it tattooed across my face!) It’s great to have a timeframe to get you started and give you a kick start, but then what happens after you’ve reached that point? You go back to how you lived your life before and end up right back where you started?
It’s totally clichĂ©, but fitness and health is a never ending journey. You’ve got to enjoy the steps en route to your destination, don’t wait for a fairytale ending.”



The reason I listen to Alex when it comes to fitness is because she walks the walk. The photo below is of Alex when she entered a fitness competition a couple of years ago now; her dedication was unbelievable and it really opened my eyes up to a whole new world of discipline, self-sacrifice and hard work! I know this isn’t everyone’s look and Alex knows this, but for me, when I see someone look as lean and strong as this, I think WOW, way to go (!) as I know how much hard work goes on behind the scenes for a few minutes up on stage!

Alex O'Hanlon

I couldn’t agree more with her fourth comment about enjoying the journey. It’s really important to schedule in fun and relaxing times where you know you can let your hair down and enjoy local foods, have a cocktail on the beach if you fancy one, I’m all about balance and enjoying a life you LOVE! This was Alex and I enjoying the journey on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts last year on a business trip with Create A Life You Love Academy in 2015.
Alex O'Hanlon

And this was a photo from our training session in Vegas earlier on in the year last year in 2015 when we went out for a nutrition and business conference in Salt Lake City, again as part of the Create A Life You Love Academy. She was like a kid in a sweet shop with all the gym equipment and I just followed her around and copied whatever she was doing as I had NO clue what all the equipment did! Stick me in a kitchen or in a room full of people to talk about nutrition and health and I know what I’m doing, but in a gym, I’m no expert!
Alex O'Hanlon

Hope you enjoyed the post and inspiration and Alex’s points resonated with you.

Have a great rest of the week.

Jess x