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"i would 100% recommend these sessions"
"I do not have the impetus to do this on my own. Having a date and a time to be ready works very well for me."
"I keep my online fitness groups to a maximum of 5 people so I can keep it really personal and correct your form, monitor you closely and give you the most uplifting and on point feedback.
I'll also spot if you're not there which gives people the accountability they often need, and lack from a gym, whilst being more affordable than 1 to 1 personal training."
"It’s pushing me to do exercises I wouldn’t do on my own"
"It’s an easy way to get some training under your belt before starting the day. We all tend to favour exercises that we are good at and stick to them, I, for example, hate cardio workouts, but I know that by giving it a go in the classes that it helps my body move in a way that I never make it if I were to select the exercises."
Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have any burning questions that aren't outlined below, email and I'll get back to you ASAP.
The workout are 30 minutes, beginning with a dynamic stretch and warm up so that we bring the heart rate up and get the body to temperature and your muscles lightly exercised. 

The warmup is then followed by a challenging/fun/sweaty workout which you do at YOUR pace, whilst being led and kept an eye on by me (Jess) so I can watch your form and offer you positive, constructive feedback.

We finish up with an important cool down which a lot of people skip but it's a really important part to ensure you don't get injured and you don't feel stiff for days afterwards. We'll open up the hips and lower body and stretch out the spine. 

The classes will leave you feeling well exercised but they're not designed to totally deplete you - we do breath work to start and finish to get your nervous system in the relaxed/fat burning zone - all explained in the sessions.
I just can’t get motivated to exercise - how will this help me?
The workouts allow you to exercise from your own home so no gym memberships or travelling time are required turning the common conundrum of 'I should have exercised today, but I just couldn’t get myself motivated & I can’t seem to find or make the time’' into 'I trained this morning and loved it and it couldn't have been easier and more time-efficient'.

My goal is to make exercising a consistent part of your weekly routine and one that you enjoy, with a small group of like-minded people and also make it financially affordable for people, whilst giving them a group of people to show up to!

My sessions are full of encouragement, whilst pushing you so you see and feel the results. 
 "I’m definitely getting more out of my days and being more productive"
"Even the Tesco delivery man commented the other morning that I was full of beans for an 8am delivery after I raced up the stairs to guide him to the kitchen! I said - I’ve been up for hours and been to the gym! He said “keep it up - it seems to be working!”
                                 - NATALIE
When are the sessions? 
At the moment I run 6 live classes a week at the below times and keep an active waiting list so that if/when a space frees up, you will be the first to know. Email to get yourself on the waiting list. 

I also keep a list of other popularly requested days/times; email with your *dream* workout time and if/when this time opens up, I'll be in touch straight away.

6:30 AM (UK time) - 2 SPACES LEFT
7:10 AM (UK time) - CURRENTLY FULL

6:30 AM (UK time) - 2 SPACES LEFT
7:10 AM (UK time) - CURRENTLY FULL

6:30 AM (UK time) - 2 SPACES LEFT
7:10 AM (UK time) - CURRENTLY FULL
Can I train just once a week?
To feel and see results, all my group online clients train 3 x per week with me so if you are on the 6:30 AM slot, you will train 3 x per week at this time - this is to get you and your body into the routine of moving, feeling and looking great.

At the moment I don't offer group online training for clients to train just 1-2 x per week, it's 3 sessions or nothing, but again, express your interest on and I'll add you to my waiting list along with your feedback so I can touch base with you if this setup changes.

If you want to train one on one with me, then email and we will touch base individually to discuss your goals and availability. 
How do I access the workouts?
We use a platform called 'Zoom' which is very much like Skype but easier to use. You will dial into the workout from your phone/iPad or iPhone using a specific workout ID number and this allows me to see you and you to see me, along with your other 4 workout buddies. 

Everyone is muted so that the only person that you can hear is me & my feedback to you as you do the workout with me, and at the end I unmute everyone to give you all a virtual high five!

We can have a quick set up call beforehand so I can support you with the setting up of your laptop/iPad/iPhone; once you've set it up once, you'll know for all future online workouts with me :-) 

It's very simple. 

  • You have a gym membership which you're not currently making the best use of.
  •  You're currently struggling to find the time to exercise.
  •  You're feeling uninspired on the exercise-front and want to try something new.
  •  You want to get a quick and efficient workout in that doesn't take too much time out of your day.
  •  You want someone to lead you in your workouts & make sure you're doing it correctly.
  •  You want to be pushed.
  •  You know you need the accountability and someone making sure you're there, on the exercise mat, training 3 x per week.
"I feel good and a bit smug for having completed a workout before work...And out of breath"
"The private WhatsApp groups add a nice touch and extra value on top of the workouts."
"The workouts are pushing me FAR more than I would do by myself ."
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What will it cost me?
The workouts work out £14 each if you do 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and I'll be resetting the membership every 4 weeks, giving the current members first refusal. It'll be £170 per month. I've set up a private WhatsApp group for the 5 people in this group so we can keep in touch on the move and high five one another post workout.

Alternatively if you would like to train at a time that is more convenient for you my one-one-one 40 minute sessions are £50.

Let me know if you're 'in', and we'll begin ASAP.

I'll then create a folder for you which will have a Starter Form to fill out which goes into your goals, injuries etc. so I can adapt the sessions accordingly. I will send you the link to this form and the link to our online calls once I've had confirmation from you.

Fill out the Application Form below and we will discuss the best option for you based on your goals and time commitment. 
These workouts are a great solution if you are time poor or need to re-inject your exercise regime. They are simple, convenient and well-instructed. I really appreciate the variations in the exercises to cover those with injuries or who are less flexible to the more complicated variations for the more physically fit members of the group.
Thank you so much for your interest in working me! I'm looking forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you shortly. 
Please complete the Application Form below.
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