OLD 30 day fat burning challenge

30 day fat burning challenge

After many years of working in gyms and personal training studios helping clients hit their body composition goals, I have sifted through every fat burning diet out there.

Through trial and error and using hard science, I have developed a plan which has helped hundreds of people reach their body composition goals and shed body fat, whilst also not sacrificing on taste. You can read what others have had to say here and watch the video below to find out more about the 30 days.

Your diet is the foundation behind not only your weight loss goals, but also your stress levels, risk of disease, physical performance, aging and even willpower. When you’re no longer distracted by energy crashes, hunger or food cravings you can achieve so much more so this is your chance to find out how.

The principles you will learn in this 30 day fat burning Challenge are the principles I stick to everyday to get lean and remain lean. There’s no point in getting trim, doing all that work and then putting it all back on again and more! If you want to get healthy with a side effect of wanted weight loss then this challenge is for you.


  • 1 optional initial virtual meet and greet session over the phone or Skype where we will set your goals and get your before photos scheduled in to be taken (you’ll thank me after).
  • Advice on which foods to have in abundance and which foods to limit and avoid for body fat shedding.
  • Weekly explanations to educate you on why this plan is having the effects that it is.
  • Weekly shopping lists with online links to anything you won’t pick up in your local supermarkets/ market.
  • Weekly smoothie and whole food recipes to leave you nourished, satisfied with body fat reducing side effects.
  • Advice on supplements to optimize fat burning and overall health.
  • A break from highly processed ‘poser’ food.

Up for the challenge?

To join me in your mission to be leaner, contact me now by filling out the below form. I will be in touch via email after your request has been submitted to send you week one of your fat burning challenge (should you choose to accept it).

I look forward to working with you soon and helping you hit your health goals.

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You must be 18 years or over to engage with health coaching or be supervised by an adult.


What areas of your health would you like to address and what would you like to achieve in the 30 days that we work together? The more specific the better.

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On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is not too fussed about getting any changes and 10 is 100% committed to reaching your health goals, where are you?


When would you like to start the 30 day fat burning challenge?


Please give me an overview of your current state of health and your vision for your future self i.e. if you’re a dress size 14 now and wish to get into a comfortable dress size 10 then say so, or if you wish to get into a specific suit for a friends wedding then let me know. Be as specific and measureable as possible.