OLD Nutrition Consultations

I offer private one-to-one nutrition support via Skype, telephone or for those in the London area, at my clinics in Bloomsbury WC1, the City of London EC3A and Clapham SW4.

For feedback from 100+ previous and current clients, please have a read of their testimonials. Whether your goal is a weight focused one, you’re looking to optimize your digestion, increase sports performance, recover from an illness, get lean or get great skin, hair and nails, or something unique to you, I will work together with you to create a bespoke eating programme targeting your personal set of goals.

I’m here every step of the way, to coach you, lead you and motivate you when you need someone to keep you focused so that you achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

In order for us to work together, I have one requirement. You must be able to honestly answer yes to all of the below points.

If you respond ‘no’ to any of the questions, then I ask you to come back to me when you’re mentally ready to make the shifts necessary to see your wanted changes so you get the most out of our time together. Otherwise, I look forward to working with you soon.

  • You have your goals clear in your mind, be it fitness, health, lifestyle or aesthetic goals.
  • You are prepared to put your health as your number one priority.
  • You accept that there are going to be some changes to your diet and lifestyle in order for you to reach your goals.
  • You are committed to investing the time, effort and resources to make the changes recommended during our session.
  • You will make time in your diary to purchase any bits on your shopping list. In most cases I will provide you with online shopping lists to make buying foods not typically available in supermarkets easy for you to purchase.
  • You’re okay with not following a prescriptive ‘fad’ diet? Instead you’re happy to embrace a food plan that is long-lasting and contains everything humans are designed to eat that will contribute to your health rather than being detrimental to it.
  • You need guidance, accountability, support, and a coach to motivate and help you change your behaviors to get you where you want to be.


4 ways of working with me….

Trying to change multiple habits in one foul swoop sets the majority of people up for failure so I work with people in four different ways.

The aim for all four options is for self sufficiency in as short a space of time as possible and to educate you so you understand fully why you’re eating the foods I’m recommending. With ongoing support, accountability, check-in’s, and potential changes to your plan along the way, this way of working provides you with the tools you need to make our coaching experience together far more in depth, creating habits that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle so your body can reap the benefits.

Recognising and congratulating you on the positive changes you have made and engraining these habits into your lifestyle is when changes in your chemistry happen and positive health can be enjoyed. Whilst this is happening, we also build on your programme and incorporate further tweaks, to compound the results.

Kickstart session

For those that need a one-off plan and a point in the right direction, this option is for you. Your diet might already be very good, but you are looking for a way to optimize your choices or you have an already-diagnosed health issue and need a plan explained to you.

The initial consultation allows me to get to know you on all levels including your past experiences with diets and any challenges you have previously encountered and currently come across, current dietary patterns, food likes/dislikes, and much more.

This comprehensive consultation will allow me to make specific recommendations tailored to your personal nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle goals by setting a wellness vision and goals to work towards.

Together, we will tailor-make a plan specific to your needs and goals which will include practical food and supplement advice appropriate to your time and budget restraints and cooking ability so your plan as achievable as possible for you to follow.

We will then touch base 2 weeks later to review your progress and answer any questions you may have.

Includes 2 total sessions:

1 x 1 hour session
1 x 30 minute follow up session


1 month coaching

If you need guidance, accountability, support, and a coach to motivate and help you change your behaviors to get you to where you want to be and your health challenges (i.e. digestion, weight loss, increased sports performance) are fairly recent i.e. in the last few months, then this option is for you.

It allows us to work together on four occasions over the month, keep you on track over that period, answer your questions as they come up, and discuss your experiences and challenges in real time.

This allows you to “stay on the wagon” for a solid 30 days, increase your knowledge of nutrition and wellness, engrain some healthy habits and work with me closely.

Includes 4 total sessions:

1 x 1 hour session
2 x 30 minute session
1 x 15 minute sessions

3 month coaching (most popular)

This is a cost-effective way of enjoying 7 sessions with me and having that accountability there to really see some positive changes in your health.

We’ll have an initial consultation and touch base with a half hour Skype call every two weeks for the first two months. Here we will monitor your progress, resolve potential problems and set new targets and goals so you continue to improve.

In the third month, we will have 15 minute check ups every other week to keep you on track and so you can continue to ask me questions and tailor your plan.

We’ll also re-analyse your body composition during this time (if applicable).

Includes 7 total sessions:

1 x 1 hour session (initial)
3 x 30 minute Skype sessions
3 x 15 minute Skype sessions

Ideally you wouldn’t need more than 3 months of support unless you really like the feeling of having a nutritionist looking after you, in which case I am with you every step of the way to help you to get to where you want your body to go and I have a 6 month coaching programme for this.


6 month coaching

This 6 month package perfect for those of you wanting to commit to your health journey by bundling an initial consultation with 12 follow-up visits at a discounted rate.

Just like having a PT to make sure you keep up with your exercises, this is what this coaching set up is about, to make sure you’re consistently taking the right action amongst the busyness of everyday life.

If your health issues are more chronic and long term, then this is also the option for you.

Includes 12 total sessions:

1 x 1 hour session (initial)
6 x 30 minute Skype sessions
6 x 15 minute Skype sessions


Start your health journey

To begin your health journey, simply fill out the below form and I will look at your submitted information. I will be in touch via email within 24-48 hours to schedule our appointment and at the same time I will send you your initial paperwork to complete and email back to me.

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You must be 18 years or over to engage with health coaching or be supervised by an adult.


What areas of your health would you like to address and what would you like to achieve in the time we work together? The more specific the better.

Motivation Scale

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is not too fussed about getting any changes and 10 is 100% committed to reaching your health goals, where are you?


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