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Nutrition is absolutely central to living a life that is full of excellent health, both inside and out of the office. It is easy in a busy, fast-paced world to compromise the way we nourish ourselves but this can result in a reduction of nutrients required for basic biochemical processes within the body, leading to under performing in the workplace with low energy, poor concentration and poor memory recall through to having to take sickness days due to being run down and unable to cope with heightened stress loads.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I work with employees individually via “one-to-one sessions” or in groups through a series of “workplace talks” or “group in house office challenges” to help people eat intelligently amongst the realities of everyday life. My approach is fun yet straight talking and my mission is to empower and educate employees so individuals can go on to make smart, educated food choices and thrive in the workplace.


One-to-one Sessions

Half a day or full days visits are available upon arrangement where I will individually coach members of staff. I take the demands of lifestyle into account – whether that’s international travel, the demands of family life or a reluctance to cook – and will work with employees individually to formulate a realistic food plan with individualized, practical and enjoyable dietary and supplementary recommendations based on people’s individual health goals.

The session includes:

  • A wellness evaluation to include the following optional checks: blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage and blood glucose levels
  • Laboratory test recommendations
  • Personalised advice


Workplace Talks and Workshops

Workplace Talks are held at lunchtimes or during company ‘Wellness Days’ and they demystify nutrition topics that are relevant to everyone. They have proved very beneficial to many individuals with the employer being thanked for providing the opportunity and showing they care about their employees welfare (whilst expecting them to work hard!)

The five most popular talks currently are:

• 2015 – New Year, New You – Make Your Resolutions Stick

• Paleo, Low Carb, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting…What’s the Best Diet?

• 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Make in 10 Easy Minutes

• How to Fix a Broken Diet – Habit Forming and Habit Breaking

• How to Keep Trim and Healthy Whilst Working a Desk Job
Health talk

“In today’s society, people put their health on hold to get a career and wealthy, and then use their wealth to get healthy. It doesn’t have to be that way. Having an abundance of health will help you to perform more productively during work hours, and you will have more energy outside of work so that you can enjoy those everyday moments”. Jess Scott


Group In House Office Challenges

If there is a common goal in the office such as training for a marathon, weight loss or detoxing after a busy month of client entertaining then hitting your health goals can be made more fun in a group, with better results achieved. JESSIPES’s 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge and JESSIPES’s 30 Day Detox Challenge have both been hugely successful so I bring these plans and my personal support and guidance to your office.


Themed Wellness Days

For any companies that have identified a particular need for their staff, having a themed Wellness Day can be a great way of bringing the workplace together.

  • High Energy Day
  • Brain Day
  • Chill Day
  • Summer Day

Sports nutrition talk

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