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Jess's 28 Day Slim-Down challenge - it's not a diet. It's not calorie counting. It's not a fad. And you will LEARN so much.

– Isabelle Sparks –

My energy levels are like nothing I have ever experienced since doing the 28 Day Slim-Down Challenge, my weight continues to go down as do my measurements and I have now lost 10cm on my legs, and 7 cm on my waist.

– Natalie Berman –

I have totally changed the way I think about and see food and am so much happier for it.

– Emily Brabbs –

I have clearer skin, I feel more positive mentally, far less anxious and generally feel far better in my own body.

– Victoria Fishpool –

I just LOVE your newsletters!

– Indre Butkute –

The 28 Day Slim-Down Challenge has been a super supportive way to learn better habits and focus on health, as well as change from the inside. I've lost inches and learnt lessons!

– Naomi Simpson –

I've lost 7kg since starting your Slim-Down Challenge (7 weeks ago) and my body shape has changed dramatically accordingly.

– Emily Brabbs –

I'm more toned, my skin has improved and energy levels are much better. Cravings have gone too!

– Jenni Collingwood –

I feel like I have wound the clock back a couple of decades!!

– Cherie Stanfield –


Join the 28 Day online Slim-Down Challenge for a step-by-step plan and bitesize daily videos to help you with your weight loss, energy gain or sugar break up goals. With simple to follow recipes, the support of an online community for accountability on the go and a great education and attitude around food, you’ll sustain your results lifelong.

Looking for a tailored nutrition plan to support you with your health goals? Looking for accountability, motivation and regular touch points with someone who is committed to your health success? This is where the private coaching sessions come in.

Are you a corporate business that wants to improve the health of your workforce? Do you have an audience  that would like to hear me talk on a variety of health, nutrition and lifestyle topics? I break down nutrition into simple, easy to access and action steps to help you become more efficient and effective in everything you do.

Join me on the beautiful island of Menorca, Spain for a week-long vacation with intention. Supported by a diverse team of wellness practitioners, my retreats are all about self-care and bringing balance back into your life.


Eileen – “I’ve tried so many other diet/workout programmes, but none were as manageable as this (yes, even with a 18-month old running around). I don’t know what the magic was (the vitamins? the smoothies? the encouragement?), but it worked and I cannot thank you enough for turning my life around.”

Emily – “The original goal of losing weight has been more than met, I’ve lost around 12kg since I started 16 weeks ago and my body shape has changed dramatically accordingly. It’s so nice to come home to clothes I never thought I’d wear again and not only being able to wear them, but feeling good in them! I’m excited every time I get dressed now! “

Fernando – “It is a great way to learn how to eat healthier and feel more positive about eating and working out. The way it is conducted makes it very easy to integrate all the new good habits for good.”

Vicky – It’s a life changing 4 weeks. The way I view food and my relationship with food is completely different at the end of this challenge. It’s wonderful to have taken back control.”

Jenni – “For me the biggest thing of all is that I used to weigh myself every day and that number would determine whether I had a good day or bad day. I have enjoyed feeling toned and maintaining a weight sub 9st and most of all feeling good and confident in my clothes without the scales determining my success.
I’m more toned, my skin has improved and energy levelsare much better. Cravings have gone too!”

Michael – “I lost over 1 stone (6 kilos) in 28 days, my face is thinner and with preparation the plan fitted into my busy schedule. Jess, you are a class act!”


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Jess’s favourite Winter-time soup

I made this soup on Sunday morning for a Christmas get together with some of my best girlfriends. I was in charge of the starter and the other ladies were in charge of either the crackers, festive napkins, mains, desserts or bubbles and together we enjoyed a total feast.


Pecan spiced nut butter

I was tasked by Graze (a snacking company I consult for) to produce a delicious tasting nut butter that had a festive and Autumnal feel, and this was the outcome.
If you like almond butter, peanut butter, or any nut butters and you love chai teas and anything that reminds you of festive times, then you’ll LOVE this creation as it is a blend of the two. I’ve been enjoying it on sliced pears, a spoonful in with my smoothies, on toasted seedy bread with some banana smashed on top or on top of an afternoon bowl or porridge if I’m wanting something warm and comforting.


Sage infused butternut squash soup

This soup has become one of my favourites to make this autumn. It’s so creamy, warm and comforting in the cooler months and it’s one of those recipes that so nice to have stashed away in your freezer for when you get back late at night and you just want to throw together something warming, snuggled up on the sofa drinking it out of a mug.

Butternut squashes have a thick skin compared to other squash where the skin can be eaten. After you peel the outer skin of the butternut squash, you reveal it’s golden yellow and slightly orange interior, which is the considered the edible flesh of the squash.

Raw nutella balls

Before I clock off for the weekend I wanted to share with you this d e l i c o u s recipe for the chocolate beauties I created yesterday afternoon in my kitchen when I was working from home in my afternoon cup of tea break!

Beetroot hummus

If you’ve been following this blog for a while or you know me personally, you’ll know hummus is one of my favourite foods. We had it as a starter at our wedding which two of my bridesmaids made from scratch (a whole 6 kilos worth!! ….amazing friends) and it’s usually knocking about in our fridge to go with salad wraps or to enjoy as a quick snack with some carrot and cucumber sticks. I went to Israel the other weekend for a friend’s wedding and was inspired by all the different kinds of hummus they cook up over there so I created this little beetroot hummus gem. Not only does it look incredible, but it tastes delicious too.  (more…)

The green rebound juice

It’s just under T H R E E weeks now until I get married (!) so smoothies, juices, soups and religious vitamin taking have gone up a notch to make sure my skin, energy and immune system are extra looked after!! I have been batch making everything and freezing it wherever possible as life goes on when you are planning your own wedding and I’ve been here there and everywhere with work projects and nutrition speaking engagements overseas so I’ve had to get ultra organised – much like you I expect with your busy world! (more…)