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3 Learnings From a 10km Run - JESSIPES - Live in a Body You LOVE

3 unusual learnings from the Nike 10km run

Jun 25, 2015

I signed up to Nike’s 10km run back in March, and before I knew it, it was Sunday 21st June, the morning of the race and I was heading to Victoria Park to meet 10,000 other ladies for a 10km run around the park!

I had planned to train and go on lots of runs beforehand, but my usual exercise regime doesn’t involve running as I am more of a weights and H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) kinda girl and with work being rather busy these past few months, I was stuck in my usual routine and hadn’t incorporated anything new. Not a single run.

I looked at my black wrist band supplied by Nike and had forgotten what start and pace time that colour placed me in, until I looked at the corresponding booklet. “BLACK: I am an experienced & fast runner averaging 4.5 min/km (sub – 45 min 10km)”. The morning of the race I was none of those things, but I was obviously feeling very optimistic about the event and my training schedule a few months back!!

Before I started the race, I spotted a girl, around my height and physique and thought ‘I’ll keep up with her’. A few seconds later, I had a quiet word with myself and asked why I was comparing myself to someone I knew nothing about. She could have stuck to an intense and well thought out training schedule for months and I had not done a single run. Did I want to chase someone twice around the park and set that as my focus and goal for the race? No. Instead, I thought, I’m just going to enjoy the opportunity, challenge myself by keeping going, soak up the atmosphere, listen to the steel bands and guitarists playing, admire the blue sky and encourage as many ladies as I could that were in clear need of a little support to get them back to running pace again. That was my goal, and that was what I achieved.

I finished the run in 56 minutes which put me nearly into the blue colour “BLUE:: I am a confident runner, pushing my limits for an average of 5.5min/km (sub – 55 min 10km)” which I was over the moon with but overall and most importantly, I had a great time.

Am I glad I did the race? 100% yes. I met so many lovely ladies, ran the last 400m with my fiancé who came to surprise meet me and I got to enjoy some almond butter on toasted rye bread with berries with grated chocolate from the “Pip n nut” stand.


  1. Aim high. “Better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit” –
  2. Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle. You don’t know what they’ve done so far to get to where they are currently or where they’re heading. Focus on your own journey.
  3. Get jazzy leggings 😉

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Rouge and happy post-running faces! =====>

Nike 10km run, staying fit exercises

All the healthy best,

Jess x


Hi, I’m Jess! Nutritional Therapist  & Personal Trainer, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from my island home in Menorca. My mission? To educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their personal health & body shape goals. I love to hike, cook, and bring inspiring people together.


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