5 Reasons To Stay In

Nov 4, 2018

Being a self-proclaimed introvert, I practice ‘staying in’ a lot.

I definitely feel recharged after I’ve spent a bit of time by myself in my own space, resting and nesting; are you the same?

I’ve been away from home for three months staying with different friends in London and family in Norfolk for work and to look after Tom during his recovery journey and it spurred me to talk about ‘home’.

In a nutshell, home is where you make it, and you can enjoy peaceful moments wherever you are, you might just need to be a little more intentional about it when you’re staying in somebody else’s space.

Here are five reasons to stay in of an evening rather than going out, or “out out” as the saying goes… 😉


A night of self-soothing to nourish your inner and outer world is key when the daytime is spent doing multiple tasks and being in ‘go go go mode’

Nourishing food whether it is home prepared and takes you 5 minutes to throw together or a longer-to-prepare recipe which you can rustle up whilst listening to your kitchen chill out playlist, ensures your body is topped up with adequate nutrition so it is able to replenish its internal stocks.

There’s something about being in your own kitchen, with herbs and spices and familiar pots and pans that make healthy eating so much more enjoyable and easy.

Face masks can be a great way to provide topical antioxidants to the skin which is your body’s largest organ. During the day your body will be exposed to free radicals created by pollution and sunlight which can be remedied and repaired with topical as well as internal nourishment.

Top tip: blend an avocado and apply it directly to the skin for a simple topical food mask, alternatively use coconut yoghurt, raw honey, lemon, spirulina, and coconut.


If your daytime is filled with a blur of work and social commitments, activities and distractions and you find that you have to be on your A-game a lot of the day, this can take its toll on your adrenal glands.

You adrenals are your body’s stress buffering glands; they help to equip your body so it can cope with short-term and long-term stress

Too much stress, sacrificed sleep, abandoning healthy eating habits and switching your food choices for quick and processed food causes them to dwindle in their ability to cope with stress which can leave you feeling burnt out.

Avoid this by ensuring you rest your body regularly and nourish it in the way it deserves.


With long work hours, early starts and an action-packed work schedule, nights in and some pause time can help to rest your mind, file away your thoughts, so you can truly rest during your sleeping hours.

If you’re constantly surrounded by people, distractions and noise, your mind never gets that opportunity to switch-off. This switch-off time is invaluable to make sure you make your best choices in life and work


Going out can be expensive and when there are so many really enjoyable activities that you can do inside of your own home that are just as rewarding but are a fraction of the cost to do, why not?!

Choosing some nights will make your bank balance a whole lot healthier, without sacrificing the enjoyment of life.


There is a collective awakening about the need to abandon “being busy being busy”, and instead, we are shifting towards conscious choices that make us feel good, surrounded by people that lift us up.

Running yourself a bath, drinking endless cups of tea, laying on the sofa with your favourite read, putting together collages or photo albums, scrapbooks or doing DIY creative tasks are such enjoyable tasks that can be just as fun and rewarding as the ones you can do outside of your home.

I hope you have some recharge time scheduled in for this weekend, being still and enjoying the little things – your adrenal glands will thank you.

‘See’ you next week, in the meantime wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead.

Jess x



Hi, I’m Jess! Nutritional Therapist  & Personal Trainer, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from my island home in Menorca. My mission? To educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their personal health & body shape goals. I love to hike, cook, and bring inspiring people together.


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