5 ways to kickstart your body into gear

Aug 13, 2015

Have you been feeling like you’re in a run down rut lately? Not feeling your usual best? Experience sugar cravings? Addicted to caffeine? …. Your body might just need a quick whip back into shape.

Changing your diet can be a daunting task, food is such a habitual and emotional avenue – sometimes it’s hard to steer off course into the unknown so here are 5 tips to get out of the ‘I’m feeling so overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin stage’, into the ‘I have a plan and it’s so doable’ phase. Through regular, nourishing meals in just a few days, you can support your digestion,metabolism, adrenals, mind and energy – giving you optimal nutrients when your body needs to heal and repair.


Looking at months ahead and how far away you are now from where you want to be health-wise can be hugely overwhelming. Just focus on getting a healthy breakfast in TODAY, and exercising TODAY and take tomorrow, tomorrow.


Breakfast is king. The night before you go to bed, either ensure you have a slice of frittata ready and waiting for you to wake up to or make sure you have the ingredients in for a super healthy breakfast to make when you get up. I find liquids are quick and easy to prepare and can be enjoyed on the move so a supercharged smoothie might be for you also. It’s amazing the amount of nutrition you can pack into a drink. Blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants are all good sources of vitamin C, an essential immune booster. Making a morning smoothie means you start your day with a few nutritional runs in the bank and it takes no time at all to prepare so it allows for inevitably busy mornings.


Berries, veggies, fruits and green tea – they all contain a bounty of antioxidants which are the wingmen nutrients to the liver’s detoxification phases. If you have a smoothie for breakfast or veggies in your frittata then you’re part of the way there, add a piece of fruit to your mid-morning snack and enjoy some greens with your lunch and the fruit and vegetable tally start to mount up!


Sure this sounds like a no brainer, but when was the last time you actually took note of how many times you’ve chewed your food? We live in such a fast paced, busy, no-time-to-sit-down-and-eat world that we almost inhale our fuel. Good digestion begins with smelling and tasting food, and chewing properly is a small but effective first step towards proper digestion. After all, our digestive system is designed to breakdown our food chemically, not mechanically.


Keeping your stress levels down also keeps your digestion happy. When we are stressed, stress hormones serve as chemical mediators and signal your blood to focus on your extremities (arms, legs) in case a quick getaway is needed. Why would your body need to focus on digesting when it’s about to experience a predator or some sort of danger? Low stress = better digestion.

Which point most resonated with you and will you implement in your life today?  Share your thoughts below – I’d LOVE to hear from you and if you have any other tips that work for you, then please share them below to help inspire others 🙂

All the healthy best,

Jess x

Hi, I’m Jess! Nutritional Therapist  & Personal Trainer, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from my island home in Menorca. My mission? To educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their personal health & body shape goals. I love to hike, cook, and bring inspiring people together.


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