Green tea, spinach & berry smoothie

Jan 8, 2015

Smoothies are my favourite breakfast at the moment, especially on busy mornings. You can pack them so full of amazing ingredients and blitz them up in under a couple of minutes so they’re perfect for when you’ve got an early start or want to make a takeaway breakfast.

This green tea, berry and spinach smoothie is one of my favourite smoothie concoctions. I love the berry, green and banana blend and it keeps you full until lunch, with tons of energy. Not having time to make breakfast is something that a lot of people struggle with in the morning, so most people revert to eating cereals at work but unfortunately these tend to be heavily processed and not contain any of the eseential nutrients our bodies need. This recipe honestly takes no more than a couple of minutes to make from start to finish and most of the ingredients you can keep locked away in your freezer, with the sole exception of the spinach, so it’s a recipe you can make any time, even when your fridge shelves are looking a bit scarce!

Green tea, spinach & berry smoothie, berry smoothie, how to make a healthy smoothie

A lot of men that come to see me fear that they will be hungry if they only have a smoothie in the morning. To all the men that are reading this, fear not. I have had 6ft 2 builders and soldiers in the army making smoothies and they are now smoothie addicts, saying this meal gives them so much more energy and less of the bloating and foggy brain symptoms compared to their previous breakfasts. It has far more protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and good fats than any shop bought cereal or toast will give you so it’s a must must try.

So, what do need to do to prep a smoothie? It couldn’t be simpler. It’s a case of putting all the ingredients into your blender, blitzing them for 15-30 seconds and voila, there you have your smoothie! I like the Nutribullet blender as you can then pop a lid or cap on and carry it with you if you don’t want to drink it just yet, but either way, I would invest in a good blender as it makes the process so much more enjoyable and quicker which means you’ll make more smoothies long term. I often make my smoothies before I head to the gym and then have it afterwards as a recovery drink with extra protein in but everyone has their own habits 🙂 Some like to have smoothies as a snack or mid afternoon pick me up or alternatively as an emergency dinner.

Green tea, spinach & berry smoothie, berry smoothie, how to make a healthy smoothie

A few top tips for you…if you’re making the smoothie the night before, then save adding the chia seeds until the morning, otherwise they will expand overnight and make your smoothie very lumpy. Also, if you’re using fresh ingredients rather than frozen and you’re making it the night before, then I would also wait until the morning to add in your ice cubes, otherwise they just melt and you will have more of a diluted smoothie.

Enjoy hopping on the smoothie bandwagon. You’ll love it and should have tons more energy as well as notice all the other health benefits that whole foods bring to the body!

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All the healthy best,

Jess x

Green tea, spinach & berry smoothie
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 serving
  • 250ml green tea, cold (make the night before and leave in the fridge to cool. Remove tea bag before adding into your smoothie)
  • 1 large handful spinach
  • Half a cup/ 70g of berries (best from frozen)
  • Half a ripe banana (best from frozen, if you like your smoothies sweeter you can add a whole banana)
  • 1 scoop hemp protein
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • Ice cubes (if using fresh fruit rather than frozen fruit, the ice cubes will transform the texture of your smoothies)
  1. Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Drink up and enjoy!

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