The secret to keeping herbs fresh

Oct 13, 2015

If you pick up your herbs from the market or supermarket and are always disappointed at how lifeless they look within a day, this is how I felt! I live in a flat in London and I don’t have space for a herb garden, so if your living situation is the same and you’re tight on space or don’t want to look after a herb garden then you’ll love this post today.

This video is a must watch as it’s so simple and will extend the life of your herbs by 7-10 days and keep them looking fresh. Putting a bag over the top creates a little microclimate for the herbs and keeps them content 🙂 I usually change the water ever 3-4 days or so to keep them extra fresh.

So simple, yet SUCH a game changer for the life of your herbs!

Hope you love it and your herbs love it more!

All the healthy best,

Jess x



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