Inspired by Tom Dyer

Oct 27, 2015

I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite humans in the world –  Tom Dyer.

I’m very lucky to work with the people I do and Tom is one of the fitness professionals I get to spend a lot of my time with and learn from. He’s taught me so much when it comes to exercise and training, debunked so many exercise myths for me and my clients and he walks the walk so here is a short Q&A with him to impart some of his words and wisdom with you all for those that are looking to train smart.

He is also my chief JESSIPES recipe taste tester, a responsibilty he takes very seriously, so if you enjoy my recipes, you partly have him to thank as nothing gets released on Jessipes without the prior approval of his taste buds!

I first met Tom at a nutrition and business talk I went to in the City and fast forward two years we are now engaged! I’m a lucky lady – he tells me that daily 😉 He has one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever known which is the #1 reason I said yes, and his deep desire to help others makes me so proud to be his future wife.

So, over to Tom…..

Name. Tom Dyer.

Age. 42 years young.

Who inspires you? Anyone honestly looking to better themselves for themselves or for the greater good of those around them. Sounds cheesy, but then I am known to be cheesy 😉

Favourite quote? “If you don’t look after your body then where are you going to live!” Michael Colgan

Have you always been into fitness or was it something you got into in recent years? It started in my late teens. It began as a very insular thing about wanting to look good myself and then my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I saw the effect this had on our whole family from the start to the sad finish. I now look to help my close loved ones who are open to learn about their health and anyone that values my opinions and learnings from the years gone by. I am lucky to have a close circle of friends that also work in nutrition, health and fitness and we share ideas and views often.
How many days a week do you recommend people exercise/ move/ train? I recommend three times a week, about 30-45 minute sessions, to keep the body ticking over. A body in motion stays in motion so if you work a desk job, then fixing in your bouts of exercise in your diary is especially important as we’re designed to move 🙂
What’s a typical workout for you? I’m always looking to get the best ‘BANG FOR THE BUCK’, maximising results and minimising time….”training smart” is my motto and I’m happy to share this with anyone that wants to learn more.
Tom Dyer
[The above photo was taken on his 40th birthday. He set himself a personal challenge to feel and look the fittest and healthiest he’s even been on his 40th and it’s safe to say he rose to the challenge].
What’s your biggest achievement? Getting engaged to you, getting married to you will exceed this though and then staying the rest of my life with you will compound them both. [Sorry guys, he did say he was cheesy].
Give me 2 interesting facts about you?
  1. I used to work on a Bungee Jump site out in Greece
  2. I keep my body fat at around 9%, all year round through a combination of heavy weights, Boot camp and a good clean protein and veg based diet. I would also say that I have a healthy sprinkle of genetics in my favour.
What’s the biggest exercise myth you come across for women and men? There are so many. More is better is a good one and weights will make you bulky for women!
What’s the biggest dietary mistake people make who are on a quest to get lean/ lose weight or get fitter? Not eating enough food!
What’s your favourite piece of gym equipment? The Trap Bar ….. you’ll have to google that one.
What’s your typical….
Breakfast  Coffee with MCT oils blended together in a nutribullet (don’t recommend this for everyone, but this with Intermittent fasting works for me and many other guys)
Lunch chicken breast and veg
Dinner one of Jessipes amazing concoctions
Snack apple and cashews
Dessert  Jessipes new pumpkin pie

Where’s your favourite place in the world? Being in a hot climate in nature.
What makes you happy? knowing that I am adding value to the lives of others and being in a hot climate in nature, oh and Jess.

Do you have any favourite tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy everyday? Deep breath daily, ask Jess for more info. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Look to enjoy how you make a living.

If people want to get hold of you for 1 on 1 personal training (online), how do they get hold of you? Contact me on 

Tom Dyer

ps. Can you spot me in the above photo?


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