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More than likely, someone you know mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my recipes, videos or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site is full of incredible resources, online health challenges and ideas that can truly make a positive difference to your world and change your life for the better.
I’ve listed out some initial steps for you to take so you can navigate your way around this website and make the best use of your time.
The first thing you should know is this…..
Through my free content, my paid online training programmes and anything else I might offer — I’m in this to make a difference.
To help you live in a body you love and lead a lifestyle you truly adore, where you wake up with energy and go to bed with satisfaction.
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Though I run a primarily digital company — I spend as much time offline as humanly possible and like to connect with people at the events and talks I get involved with. I’m active on social media but not in a huge way as I love to live my life and be present with the people I am with, so to be kept in the loop with all my news and updates, my newsletter is where it’s at. Most of the time, you’ll only hear from me on Tuesdays and Thursdays; occasionally you’ll hear from me more if something is time-sensitive or important.

I just love your newsletters!


I love receiving your lovely newsletters


I just wanted to say that I found this email really emotionally uplifting at a time I needed the boost! So thank you for sharing and for your honesty 🙂


I really look forward to opening up your emails when I see them in my inbox. Thank you for brightening up my week. Keep up the inspiring work Jess.


Your emails make me smile. They come in at just the right time and are always filled with practical and positive content to see me through the week.




I’m really passionate about a whole host of things: nutrition, health, fitness, writing, entrepreneurship, psychology, creativity and philanthropy, just to name a few. You can find out all about my background and how I came to do what I do on my about page.
My goal is to be the best expression of myself and inspire others to do the same. When I’m helping people with their health via my online 28 day challenge programmes or my private coaching programmes or I’m mentoring my business partners in my lifestyle-based company called the ’Create A Life You Love Academy”, I am the happiest version of me.
In my spare time I love travelling, cooking, having friends round for brunch or trying a new exercise class out – my favourite at the moment is HIIT training or a cosy yoga class. I love trying new brunch spots out around London or going for a nice walk and my family, friends and clients are super important to me. You’ll catch me listening to podcasts in my spare time or at a nutrition lecture or two learning about cellular health – geeky I know but I just love knowing more and more about the body and how we operate.



I’m here to serve. My company is built with a mission to share with you as much value as I possibly can and to make a positive difference in our world. I have joined forces with The Children’s Hunger Fund” which you can read more about here, and I’ve done this because like most humans, I’ve always been a lot more motivated to help others than to help myself. Knowing that for every 28 day health challenge programme sold, 50 children who are without our basic human needs get fed and my work has a far reaching impact on others, drives me more than anything else.
I am committed to bringing you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and to keep it real and honest as I go along. So please don’t expect perfect, you might occasionally see a typo or two, I’m slightly dyslexic, but do expect a lot of thought, love, nutritional wisdom and honesty!
So, whether you’re in a pickle with your health and are looking to make some big changes or if you’re looking to make subtle tweaks to your nutrition to take your energy, concentration, body shape, vitality or another area of your health to the next level, I’m here to help you and I hope you find this site an inspiring place to visit and a positively uplifting community to be a part of.




Since switching my business from my clinic in London to online, it has allowed me to reach and help so many more people, all around the globe.
For every person I’m able to help make positive changes in their life and shifts in their health, I’m so grateful for the opportunity.
Curious to see whether one of my health programmes might be for you? Find powerful stories from our community right here.



The Create A Life You Love Academy is a mentorhsip programme and online lifestyle-based business which helps you redefine what is possible for both your health, your finances, your lifestyle and your contribution goals.
I run the mentorship programme for people who are searching for ‘something more’ – a better lifestyle, greater health, a community of positive and uplifting people or an income opportunity where your income isn’t capped based on the number of hours you do, your qualifications or your background but on the value you put into your business.
If you are feeling trapped or frustrated with either your health or your finances then this business opportunity could be for you.
I look for driven, coachable, fun and ambitious men and women who are passionate about health and want to make a positive difference to their world and those around them. You must be a team player and able to devote 2-20 hours per week in this part time business opportunity.
Find out more here here.



In what ever way I can support you, I’m all ears.
I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I have a lot of experience in the health world and in the business world, helping want to be entrepreneurs live a lifestyle they love, wrapped around working around their passion of health [check out the “Partner with me” page for more information on that].
I wish you continued health and happiness and I’m looking forward to sharing this health journey with you.
Jess x