Post workout shake

Aug 28, 2015

Refuelling correctly post workout is so so important, especially if when you train, you train all out! It means you’ll recover quicker and be able to train again the next day with a reduced chance of gaining an injury! It’ll also mean you’ll reap all the benefits from your sweaty workout, as the muscles you’ve stressed and strained, will be able to be repaired using the amino acids present in your snack or shake and your glycogen stores (carbohydrate stores) will be replenished.

If you often feel like you’re running on empty throughout your workout and your energy levels are dwindling, or you aren’t getting the results in the gym you want, strength, fitness or body composition-wise, then consider your post workout fuel amongst the many other factors, to ensure your body is nourished after it’s worked so hard.

This is usually my go-to shake, just becuase it’s so so quick, easy and tastes YUM! Ladies, protein isn’t just for men, we need it also for the exact same reasons as men, and it won’t make you bulky….far from it! It’ll help to encourage muscle repair and so contribute towards your lean and healthy silhouettte!

I hope you found the video super useful 🙂

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What’s your usual go-to post workout snack/ shake/ meal? Share your faves below!

All the healthy best,

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