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Summer Slim Down Tips - JESSIPES - Live in a Body You LOVE

Summer Slim Down Tips

Sep 30, 2016

I’ve just finished running a 4-week Weight Loss programme and I’m delighted with the results the ladies and gents enjoyed on the challenge. From energy gain, glowing skin and inches lost all round, this all happened as a side effect of nourishing the body from head to toe, developing healthy eating habits and relationships with food and doing it as a group of like-minded people who were all cheering each other along from start to finish. 

When us humans stick together and positively lift each other up, so much can be achieved than if we go at life alone. It has taught me that I love my job even more than I thought ever possible, and I’m more excited than ever about being able to help more people achieve their goal silhouette and ‘glow’ and finally wave goodbye to the sugar monster.

Thank you to all my beautiful guinea pigs for saying ‘yes’ and joining me for a fantastic journey and still being such champions following the programme to continue your journey

Today I thought I would share a few of the top tips people learnt on the challenge in case you too have slimming down goals or would like to know how to maintain your body shape and health. You may decide to incorporate just one of these tips, or try all of them – simply do what works for you. Remember success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and out.


Skip cereal or toast – these can be blood-sugar disasters that wreak havoc with the waistline. Go for an egg-based breakfast or a protein, fat and fibre-containing smoothie which has as little sugar as possible in the smoothie base (the ones I use personally and used on the challenge have 0g in them which is why they work so well for fat loss). When your blood sugar levels are on an even keel, your energy levels are maintained until your next meal, and your hormones are in check, without a blood sugar roller-coasting situation and subsequent over-eating or poor food choices being made.

I use USANA’s new MySmart smoothie bases which came out onto the market a few months ago, and they’re the cleanest base I’ve found, with complete protein, 0g sugar, fats from coconut oil and different types of fibre in there to help with digestive health, blood sugar balancing and satiety (keeping you full).  I’ve been using them every day for my breakfasts since before my wedding, and I take them away with me when I go on work trips along with me travel blender. You can get them from my online shop here and if you haven’t already had a wholesale account set up by me if you’ve worked with me one on one in clinic, then you can visit my online shop and pay the same price as me (10-20% off the RRP when you set up a wholesale account).

There are three different protein bases (whey, soy or plant) so go for the ones that suit your dietary preferences the best. Based on the feedback from my guinea pigs, go for the plant if you like thick smoothies as it’s the thickest consistency out of the 3, or add more coconut milk/ almond milk or filtered water to thin it out if you prefer it thinner. The whey and the soy are both really tasty, with a slight vanilla hint, and to the smoothie base you add all of your other bits to your smoothie blender to customise the flavour to your taste buds like you would your normal smoothie.


Begin each morning with some sort of gentle stretching, yoga, pilates or a brisk walk or a more intense type of exercise depending on your fitness level. Walk without sunglasses early in the morning so the sunlight can assist the production of serotonin which is our feel good, happy, calm and content hormone. When you’re happy and eating from a place of content and feeling good, great food choices get made. Once your body begins to move, your metabolism will be raised a gear and you gain the headspace to set yourself up for the day

Action tip: This week give yourself a target of walking briskly for at least 30 minutes most days of the week.


Protein is thermogenic, meaning it requires a lot of energy to break down, which in turn boosts your metabolism. It also stabilizes blood sugars, reducing cravings and keeping you fuller for longer so enjoy eggs/ protein smoothie for breakfast, some fish, prawns, egg with your lunchtime and evening meal and some nuts and seeds with your mid morning and mid-afternoon snack.


These drinks create a toxic build-up in the body and mess with hormones, especially insulin. Insulin is a fat storing hormone, so the more your body produces it in response to elevated blood sugar levels, the more fat storing will be going on inside your body rather than your desired fat burning.

Keep your dinks clean and stick to water with the juice of fresh limes or lemons to jazz it up. When it comes to summer cocktails, keep the base of your cocktails as sugar-free as possible, so fizzy water with squeezed lime in there is a thirst-quenching winner!


Eat them with every single meal THEY ARE your secret to summer slim down success – aim for five serves a day if you can. Green, red, yellow and orange veggies are packed with fibre to keep you full and loaded with B vitamins for purifying your system. A clean body is a lean body! Smoothies, vibrant lunchtime salads and raw veg with hummus or a bean dip mid-afternoon are all such easy ways to up the veggies count day to day.

These are my two top tips for weekly food prep so you can eat healthy without stressing about it.

Prep salad ingredients on a SundayChop carrots, cucumber, red pepper, celery, fennel, radishes and lettuce and keep them stored in a tupperware dish so they’re ready for salads and snacks throughout the week. If you make a batch of hummus or guacamole you’ve got an instant go-to dipper whenever you need one.

Roast veggies. I make a batch of roasted veggies to jazz up my lunch salads or use them for dinner. My favourite combination is root veggies with some greens. I’ll chop carrots, sweet potatoes, fennel, and Brussels sprouts into bite-sized pieces, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with whatever herbs I have handy, and roast for about 30 minutes until browned.
Which one of these tips resonated with you the most?

I’m all ears and would love to know 🙂

All my healthy best,

Jess x

Hi, I’m Jess! Nutritional Therapist  & Personal Trainer, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from my island home in Menorca. My mission? To educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their personal health & body shape goals. I love to hike, cook, and bring inspiring people together.


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