What can I do to get healthy skin, hair and nails?

Sep 17, 2015

Hands up if you want more of a natural glow to your skin without the need for makeup (men you are exempt from that last bit unless makeup is your thing), or a healthier set of nails without having to cover them up in paint or a more glossy, thicker head of hair?! Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and love getting my nails done, but to enhance what is already there, not to cover up imperfections due to nutritional neglect and leading a lifestyle that isn’t serving your body.

All my teenage years and even up until last year if I’m entirely honest, I have battled with my skin so this post and video is an area that’s very close to my heart. From being totally makeup dependant to now not having to put any makeup on and feeling confident enough to leave the house without a makeup bag, this is a HUGE leap, so I feel excited to share these tips with you. I hope they help you on your skin clearing journey and it changes your approach and how you view your breakouts or how you optimise what you’ve already got!!

I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to get skin outbreaks and look at the mirror feeling far too old for breakouts!

With my background in nutrition and the understanding of how the body communicates via signs and symptoms when it’s not happy, I was always grateful for the skin feedback, though I wished it would be on its way! Without the thick hair, smooth strong nails or the perfectly clear skin, you would never know something internally was going wrong. For me it was my liver, it wasn’t able to detox my hormones and toxins with the tools (food) I was giving it and I was working far too hard without enough ‘me time’ and recharge time, but for other people skin issues can happen for different reasons. We are all unique.

These tips that I’m going to share with you are ones I share with my clients and most importantly, ones I use personally everyday and they’ve worked for me. Nutrition isn’t a magical quick-fix, but if you work on beauty from the inside out, it has far more long-lasting and far-reaching benefits and you get more energy, a better ability to concentrate etc. which are all added bonus of feeding your body healthily which I’m positively all for! No lotion or topical potion can do this.

Here are 5 tips which you can do everyday and they are all so simple! ====>

There are so many other tips, like what to actually put on your skin which feeds your skin as there are so many products which are FULL of preservatives and chemicals etc. and liver support and I could go on, but these are 5 tips to get you started and I’ll do a round two of 5 more tips another time! 

What was your most useful tip: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

All the healthy best,

Jess x


Hi, I’m Jess! Nutritional Therapist  & Personal Trainer, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from my island home in Menorca. My mission? To educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their personal health & body shape goals. I love to hike, cook, and bring inspiring people together.


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